CSCC Workshop in Aboagora 2017 Symposium

Event: ABOAGORA 2017 – Becoming/Verðandi
Time: 23.8.2017, 14:00–15:30
Place: Sibelius musem, Turku

Workshop I

Hearing Finnishness in Hymns

How do Lutheran hymns construct Finnishness? What do Finnish people find valuable in hymns? In what sometimes surprising ways are hymns and Finnishness intertwined? This workshop undertakes to address these questions through a dialogue between music and research. Taking listeners to a time travel through centuries, the presenters examine the relationship between hymns and folk poetry in the early modern Finland, the linkage of Finnish cultural heritage and hymns as it opens up through the study of a single Lutheran hymn and the significance of hymns in present day Finland. The workshop welcomes the audience to reflect on the possible roles of hymns in the constitution of Finnish identity. This can be done by writing down memories or reflections related to hymns to the Finnish Literature Society’s online service Muistikko prior to the Aboagora symposium. Muistikko can be found at Please use the keyterm ‘virsi’, ‘psalm’, or ‘hymn’ when adding your story to Muistikko.

Workshop’s Programme

14.00 Timo Alakotila and Senni Valtonen: selection of hymns
14:10 Opening words: Minna Opas
14:15 Kati Kallio: Hymns and folk poetry
14:35 Irmeli Helin: “Jumala ompi linnamme“ hymn as Finnish cultural history
14:50 Veli-Matti Salminen: Hymns and spiritual music in today’s Finnish Lutheranism
15:05  Timo Alakotila ja Senni Valtonen: Hymns and folk music and selection of hymns
15:20 Discussion

More information: Aboagora Symposium’s Homepage.