What is CSCC

Centre for the Study of Christian Cultures (CSCC) is a multi and inter-disciplinary research centre focusing on humanistic and social scientific study of diverse forms of Christianity in different parts of the world. The Centre is based at the School of History, Culture and Arts Studies at the University of Turku, Finland. It aims to support and develop research on Christian cultures at the University of Turku and in Finland at large, and foster international research collaboration in its specific field.

As a multi-disciplinary research centre, the CSCC’s members come from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds: study of religion, cultural history, archaeology, arts studies, linguistics, folklore studies and theology, for instance. The research field the centre concentrates on includes a wide range of research topics and approaches. We welcome researchers from all fields to join us and participate in the centre’s activities. Those interested are welcomed to join CSCC’s email list (see instructions here).